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Annyeong haseyo!
Annyeong! I am a Fangirl! Pure Exo fan, I really really love EXO. EXO is my main fandom! and they are all bias wreckers.Well, before and On the Debut of EXO, I am buying EXO merch, I am posting some stuff's that I buy. Usually I order ONLINE. But when me and my friends go to a Event I am also buying merch there, and post it here! Also Kpop Concerts! sharing what I have experienced with you guys ;). If you have question where I bought this and that just ask me I'll answer it right away, privately, well if you're anon ofcourse public.If couple of questions are common I'll just post it with my answer. and oh, I'm not a noona/Unnie, kekeke Dongsaeng here! <3 and also I am a BABY one of the BABYZ. yes! B.A.P! I dont like fanwars between those two groups. I also reblog BAP posts here. Arrasso?.

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Dami kong tawa dito ! hahahahhahhahha

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